STiFF 5/9/16 Agenda

The agenda for the next Structures in Fire Forum held to be held in Edinbugh (10.30am - 5th of September 2016) is now ready.

The presentations are:

"Dry film thickness of intumescent coatings for structural steel bracing members" - David Baron, International Paint

“Developments in TASEF” - Kuldeep Virdi, City University London

“Tensile Membrane Action of Composite Slabs in Fire – Are the Current Methods Really OK?” - Ian Burgess, Sheffield University

“The future of EC2-1-2” (working title) - Jenny Burridge, The Concrete Centre

“Cold-formed steel portal frames in fire” - Ross Johnston, Hanna and Hutchinson Consulting Engineers

“Structural Fire Resilience” - Luke Bisby, University of Edinburgh

“Challenges for structural fire protection strategies for modular construction” - Susan Deeny, Arup

If you would like to attend this free event then please contact David Rush.

Presentations will be uploaded (with the authors permission) onto this website shortly after the event.