Previous Structures in Fire Forum Presentations

Structures in Fire Forum: 

May 2023 - Kings's Buildings, University of Edinburgh [Agenda]

  • "Mitigation and mechanism study of fire spalling of concrete using recycled tyre fibres”. --- Yifan Li, University of Sheffield [pdf, 2.1MB]
  • “Meta-analysis of code-based design methods to quantify the fire resistance of concrete columns”. --- Mahadev Rokade, University of Edinburgh [pdf,1.3MB]
  • “Achieving fire resistance for non-standard buildings” --- Zena Protcenko, Arup [pdf, 2.9MB]
  • “Hold the (bond) line” --- Antonela Colic, University of Edinburgh [pdf, 2.2MB]
  • “Structural hazards of smouldering fires in timber buildings” --- Harry Mitchell, Imperial College London [pdf, 3.2MB]
  • “CFD representations of travelling fires - from crib to compartment scale” --- Stephen Welch, University of Edinburgh [pdf, 2.6MB]
  • Facade fire performance of low carbon structures” --- Martyn McLaggan, University of Sheffield [pdf, 3.4MB]
  • “BS8414 type test on precast concrete cladding panels” --- Tony Jones, Concrete Centre [pdf, 1.8MB]

September 2022 - IStructE Headquarters, Bastwick Street, London [Agenda]

  • "Fire performance assessment of historical buildings" - Octavian Lalu, BRE [pdf file 1.5MB]
  • "Effect of Fuel Load on Fire Dynamics in a Very Large and Open-Plan Compartment: x-TWO experiments​ " - Mohamed Hedari, CERIB [pdf file 4.0MB]
  • "CodeRed experiments - fire dynamics in open-plan compartments with timber ceiling and columns " - Panos Kotsovinos, Arup [pdf file 2.8MB]
  • "Structural Fire Modelling Strategies for Exposed Mass Timber Compartments and Experimental Gaps for Model Validation " - Harry Mitchell (Imperial), Ethan Phillion and John Gales, (York University Canada) [pdf file 1.5MB]
  • "Intumescent coatings – The art of baking, cooking, burning, melting " - Cristian Maluk, Semper, UK [pdf file 4.8MB]
  • "Curtain wall systems exposed to fire​ " - Francesca Lugaresi, Imperial College London [pdf file 2.1MB]
  • "Steel cladding systems for stabilization of steel buildings in fire​ " - Kuldeep Virdi, City University of London [pdf file 3.5MB]
  • "Experimental investigation into the behaviour of reduced web beam section (RWS) connections in fire " - Katherine Cashell, Brunel University [pdf file 2.8MB]
  • "What I learnt when researching the fire resistance test " - Angus Law, Univeristy of Edinburgh [link to paper]

April 2019 - IStructE Headquarters, Bastwick Street, London [Agenda]

  • Reuse of waste tyre fibres for fire spalling mitigation” Shan-Shan Huang, University of Sheffield [pdf, 2.8MB]
  • “Restrained perforated beams exposed to fire using virtual hybrid simulation” Mustesin Ali Khan, Brunel University [Link to PhD]
  • “CREEP BEHAVIOUR OF STEEL AND ALUMINIUM COLUMNS EXPOSED TO FIRE” Neno Toric, University of Split [Link to paper]
  • “Compartmentation principles and fire stopping installation in buildings” Octavian Lalu, BRE [pdf, 3.7MB]
  • “Structural reliability of temporary aluminium tented structures” Tom Molkens, StuBeCo [pdf, 2.5MB]
  • “Fire load density – how to reliably estimate and describe it for fire engineering calculations?” Piotr Smardz  Inbepo [pdf, 2.2MB]
  • ‘’Behaviour and design of stainless-steel tubular members in fire’’ Asif Mohammed, Brunel University London [pdf, 1.2MB]
  • “Hotspots compromising the fire performance of protected primary steelwork: How can an established issue be a new challenge in construction?” Florian Block and Iolanda Del Prete, BuroHappold Fire Engineering [Later paper on similar theme]

December 2018 - Warwick University, Warwick [Agenda]

  • “Progressive collapse analysis of composite steel frames subject to fire following earthquake” Riza Hakim, University of Manchester [pdf, 2.1MB]
  • “Modelling the thermal response of structural steel cables in fire” Francesca Lugaresi, HazeLab, Imperial College London [pdf, 3.1MB]
  • “Damage assessment, residual cyclic behaviour and repair of fire-exposed reinforced concrete columns” Zafiris Triantafyllidis, University of Edinburgh [pdf, 3.9MB]
  • “Modelling charring of timber across scales” Franz Richter, HazeLab, Imperial College London [pdf, 3.5MB]
  • “Reliability-based methodology for determining the effects of sprinkler and fire brigade intervention on post-flashover fire temperature development” Iziengbe Inerhunwa, University of Manchester [pdf, 1.3MB]

April 2018 - IStructE Headquarters, Bastwick Street, London [Agenda]

  • “Benefiting from Sharing Lessons Learned” Paul McNulty, Structural-Safety [pdf, 0.7MB]
  • “Structural stability of rainscreen cladding in the fire condition” Gordon Cooke, CookeOnFire [pdf, 1.3MB]
  • “Glass thermal breakage and its interaction with compartment fires” Yu Wang, University of Edinburgh [pdf, 3.9MB]
  • “Extended travelling fire methodology & issues see from Tisova Fire Test” Xu Dai, University of Edinburgh [pdf, 1.1MB]
  • “IStructE - Fire Engineering Specialist Diploma” Jenny Burridge, Concrete Centre [no pdf]
  • “Informal dwelling compartment dynamics – a South African perspective” Antonio Cicione, Stellenbosch University [pdf, 2.9MB]
  • “Acceptability criteria of fire – how big and how much is ok (£/$/€)?” Erin Mills/David Rush, University of Edinburgh [pdf, 4.2MB]
  • “Characterising the thermomechanical response of steel columns subject to localised fires” Yavor Panev, Arup [pdf, 3.8MB]


November 2017 - CSEC, Kings Buildings, Edinburgh

  • "Revisiting PD7974-7 annex using US fire incident data" - Martina Manes (University of Edinburgh)
  • "Protecting fire-fighters from progressive collapse due to localised fires" - Tom Molkens - (StuBeCo)
  • "Travelling fires - and extended methodology" - Xu Dai - (University of Edinburgh)
  • "Fire, Concrete, and the madness of change without pondering" David Fletcher (Ex-NHBC)
  • "Assessing the fire performance of existing reinforced concrete flooring systems" - Tom Lennon (BRE)
  • "Acceptability of fire - how much is ok?" - David Rush & Erin Mills - (University of Edinburgh) 

April 2017 - IStructE Headquarters, Bastwick Street, London. Agenda

  • “A review of the reliability indices implicit within prescriptive fire resistance guidance” - Danny Hopkin, OlssonFire - [pdf 1.94MB]
  • “High strength steel at elevated temperature” - Dorothy Winful, Brunel University [pdf 7.04MB]
  • “Fire resistance of concrete slabs acting in compressive membrane action” - Tom Molkens, Stubeco [pdf 1.64MB]
  • “The travelling fire scenario and its effect on fire severity - concept and experiment in a large fire compartment with restricted ventilation” - Gordon Cooke, CookeOnFire [pdf 2.62MB]
  • “LITS modelling for both building and nuclear structures” - Martin Gillie, University of Manchester [pdf 1.61MB]
  • “Laterally loaded light timber frame fire experiments (and other antipodean developments)” - Mike Spearpoint, University of Canterbury [pdf 2.94MB]
  • “Behaviour of thermal rehabilitated facades in case of fire” - Octavian Lalu, BRE [pdf 2.2MB]
  • “Computational analysis of failure criteria of multi-storey steel frame exposed to fires: thermal vs. structural” - Egle Rackuskaite, Imperial College London [pdf 5.85 MB]

September 2016 - CSEC, Kings Buildings, Edinburgh. Agenda

  • “Dry film thickness of intumescent coatings for structural steel bracing members” - David Baron, International Paint [pdf 1.0 MB]
  • “Developments in TASEF” - Kuldeep Virdi, City University London [pdf 0.7 MB]
  • “Tensile Membrane Action of Composite Slabs in Fire – Are the Current Methods Really OK?” - Ian Burgess, Sheffield University [pdf 4.1MB]
  • “Proposed changes to EC2-1-2” - Jenny Burridge, The Concrete Centre [pdf 2.04 MB]
  • “Cold-formed steel portal frames in fire” - Ross Johnston, Hanna and Hutchinson Consulting Engineers [pdf 2.9 MB]
  • “Structural Fire Resilience” - Luke Bisby, University of Edinburgh [pdf 1.9 MB]
  • “Challenges for structural fire protection strategies for modular construction” - Tom Parker and Alistair Temple, Arup [pdf 1.8 MB]
  • “Methods of specifying intumescent coating on concrete filled steel tubular sections” - Mostafa Jafarian, Exova [pdf 2.9 MB]

April 2016 - IStructE Headquarters, Bastwick Street, London. Agenda

  • “Re-use of waste tyre fibres to prevent fire-induced spalling – some initial testing” - Shan-shan Huang, University of Sheffield [pdf 2.6 MB]
  • “New Approach to fire safe application of fibre-reinforced polymer reinforcement for concrete” - Mohammed Kiari, University of Edinburgh [pdf 2.4 MB]
  • “Improving fire resistance of existing concrete slabs by concrete topping” - Tom Molkens, Stubeco [pdf 2.3 MB]
  • “Update to the fire element of the structural Eurocodes” - Tom Lennon, BRE [pdf 0.3 MB]
  • “Why don’t more sandwich panel ceilings collapse in fire” - Gordon Cooke, Cooke on Fire [pdf 1.1 MB]
  • “Reliability and probability of failure in structural fire engineering” - Ruben van Coile, WSP [pdf 1.3 MB]
  • “Blade Columns – an EC2 discussion” - Graham Flint, Arup [pdf 1.8 MB]